Sam Morris, a multidisciplinary artist from London, embarked on a remarkable journey that began with an illustrious career as a child actor. Unforeseen by many, Morris took a daring leap into the realm of adult artistry, unveiling his eponymous erotic platform in 2016. It was on this platform that his softcore boudoir photography emerged as a beacon of queer romanticism, captivating audiences and earning him widespread acclaim, including capturing the attention of international publications and esteemed fashion houses. In the year 2020, Morris unveiled a new facet of his creative expression with the release of his debut book, “Don’t Fall In Love, Sam". This literary compilation features a poignant collection of essays and poetry inspired by his time dwelling in the hedonistic city of Berlin. Notably, Russell T Davies described the work as "like love letters from the edge," cementing Morris' place as a captivating storyteller. In 2024 Morris published his second book and memoir, “Pieces Of A Boy - A Few Queer Things That Happened”.